Better Know a Blogger

My name is Samantha LeBas, and I write all the content you see here on comicsonice. I studied language and culture at Louisiana State University. There are few things I love more than reading and writing.


Specifically, I love comic books. I guess my love affair with super heroes started when I was four years old. I had a crush on Burt Ward from the old Batman show; I loved the way his uniform had “shoelaces” on it… and that mask, so mysterious! My stuffed rabbit that I slept with every night until I graduated high school was called, “Robin,” in fact.


Like most kids my age, I grew up on the animated X-men and Batman series. I even sought out a few X-men comic books, which in my small town was a feat in itself. My childhood notebooks are filled with drawings of Storm and Catwoman. I’ve seen almost every comic-themed movie to hit theaters on opening day, sometimes in costume.

I even named my son Rhemy LeBas… (which is a syllable away from Remy LeBeau).

The Wayne Family Portrait: Martha, Bruce, and Thomas

The Wayne Family Portrait: Martha, Bruce, and Thomas

Oddly enough, I didn’t really start reading comics until about a year ago. The first book I remember getting my hands on as an adult was Batman #5 from Snyder and Capullo. I was hooked immediately, and I guess the rest is history.


If you read this blog, there is probably no better way to explain myself to you than with a list of some of the titles I read. So here you go…

Batman – Batgirl – Batman: The Dark Knight – Gambit – All New X-men – Uncanny X-men – Swamp Thing – The Avengers – The New Avengers – Hawk Eye – Thor : God of Thunder – Fatale – Chew – Saga – The Manhattan Projects – End Times of Bram and Ben – Bedlam … I’ll stop there for now I guess.

Anyway, tomorrow Feb 18, is my birthday, this will start my first full year of blogging, wish me luck… and thanks for stopping by!



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