5 Feb

First of all I want to talk about what I have planned for the blog. Every week I will pick a new series to explore. I’ll try to provide some food for thought, maybe even make a point or two, no promises.


This week, I have chosen to write about the Image Comics series Revival by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, I should have at least one more post coming up on the topic.

On Wednesdays I will review some new books that came out that week.

There’s another piece in the plan though, I want to start including contributions from women and girls who read, write, draw, or otherwise touch the comicsphere, I am calling the series ‘Icebreakers,’ because I aim to gain support for the idea that there are fangirls out there too; to ‘break down,’ the assumption that the world of comic books belongs to boys.


So starting now, right now, this instant; I am accepting emails at, or tweets @comicsonice, or carrier pigeons carrying words from women who love comics. Write an essay, a poem, draw something, video an interpretive dance, anything goes! Get creative, tell the world about what comics mean to you, why you love them, and how they inspire you. I really look forward to seeing what you create. Grab an ice pick and start chiseling your way out of the fridge.


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